TOMS Canvas Classic Review

My TOMS have fiercely defended their place on my shoe rack. They are now the first that I turn toward once I am looking for shoes that I can slip on quickly. Their comfort makes my feet happy, their soles are durable and the Argentinian-inspired look is is perfect for class, trips, the city, work or even at a chic event.

The strong point of the Toms Canvas Classics is, without doubt, its comfort. It can be worn all day without having to experience arch pains that other ballerina shoes can cause. In fact, I wear these shoes for my everyday activities in the city. Being someone who has a high arch, I was very surprised by the shoe’s comfort from the first time I tried it on. The suede insole and latex insert at the arch of the foot gives this shoe an extra support, as well as making them simple, elegant and very comfortable.

In addition, its multipurpose style allows it to be brought everywhere: on trips, public transportation or in your back to replace your heels after a long night of dancing or when you want to return to the house in comfort. Furthermore, for those who are ‘last-minute,’ the ‘V’ elastic provides an easy on and off so you won’t miss your interview.

Toms shoes are true to size, so choose the size that you regularly wear. If you are between sizes, choosing the smaller size is recommended since the fabric expands with time. All in all, this a shoe is definitely for those who search something to wear on the daily. When it comes to quality and price, what you have here is a shoe with great workmanship that won’t breaking the bank. Ideally, socks should be worn with Toms. Keep the length short in the summer and longer in autumn in order to avoid unpleasant odours due to shoe’s lack of breathability.

One last point to mention is Toms’ One for One program. Briefly, for every shoe bought, another pair is given to a child in need. It’s a simple, but revolutionary idea. Since 2006, Toms has given more than 35 million pairs of shoes to children around the world. This proof that an individual choice can make a worldwide difference.
Photos: Andréanne Morissette


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