White Navy Riviera Stripe Women’s Classics Venice Collection

Hello there! When I come across a brand or product I really like, you can count on me to share it here with you on the blog. Today I’m doing exactly that with my TOMS shoes review. Yes, my husband is also named Tom so I may be a tad biased, but honestly, I bought a pair of TOMS on a whim and they have exceeded my expectations. Considering a pair of TOMS Classics?

I first heard of TOMS a few years ago but wasn’t sold on the style. At that time, I just wasn’t in the market for a casual shoe and they seemed kind of plain for my tastes. I like shoes with a little more going on. Even though I didn’t buy a pair then, I did remember their message. TOMS’ marketing team does a fabulous job at getting their #OneForOne message out there. With every purchase, TOMS helps someone in need — either by donating a pair of shoes, helping with medical care, supporting water system installation and so much more.

You can feel good about buying TOMS because your money helps improve lives. It’s a nice bonus to know your money is doing a little bit of good in the world.

So recently, a friend had shared a picture online of her TOMS, so I headed over to the TOMS France site to see what they were all about. The styles seemed to have more flair than I remembered, and in addition to the classics, TOMS makes boots, sandals, bags, glasses and more. I loved all the patterns and materials from which you could choose. A few minutes later, I impulsively bought the gray shoes pictures in this post, the Grey Marl Women’s Classics.

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